elliottwaves-trading Seminars
SEMINARS with Dr. Mircea Dologa MD, CTA
Our Courses are taught in Real-Time environment, once the main theoretical topics have been presented to a mini-group or a larger class, even if we prefer one-to-one teaching basis.

Seminar Add-Ons

Date Schedule

The exact dates of classes will be arranged through the e-mail, at student’s convenience, once the student has manifested his/her interest.
The teaching is done from 07:00 to 17:00hrs Paris time, an enjoyable & profitable 10 hours learning experience, only paused by the coffee breaks and one hour lunch.

Cost Deductions

To our knowledge, the cost of these courses can be deducted from the Income Tax Revenues, including your lodging & travelling expenses.
Please inquire and confirm it with your local IRS office. Naturally, the cost of courses are deducted as business expenses of your company.

Sejourn Costs

Our traditional French hospitality is well known. We offer every day the breakfast, the coffee-breaks and a gastronomic lunch with Bordeaux wine.
We can also assist our students for finding a clean & comfortable, inexpensive Paris lodging, for about a $130 daily fee, only 8 minutes away from Champs-Elysées...

Your Wife is Invited

We gladly offer every day your wife’s lodging, breakfast and lunch. She will be able to enjoy Paris while you are learning… Or, she can also attend for a consistent Discount. It will certainly get you that rare “peace of mind” and her those rare to catch “unforgettable” memories…!

Advanced GET eSignal Charting Software

We use it for many years and consider it one of the finest charting software around. It never let us down. This efficient and ergonomically (easy-to-use) designed software, more than fulfils our needs. Among other tools, the False Stochastics, an original (proprietary) feature, is worth alone, the entire monthly subscription. Check out, the 30-days free Trial, at www.esignal.com !

Free Excel Programs

The trainer has designed and executed several Excel mini-programs that compute: the monthly, weekly & daily floor pivots, the termination of Elliott waves (W3, W5 and prior impulsive pattern correction), the Gann stealth levels, the Gann hidden angles, etc…! All these programs are offered to our students, upon demand

FREE Learning Assistance
All our students have free learning assistance for 12 months. It consists of any type of learning advice throughout the year, following the seminar's date. Any questions are welcome!